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dont look directly at it, its like a thanksgiving eclipse.


mmm heart attack in a oven friendly tin


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but, do they feel violated when you open the umbrella?


feel a breeze ladies?

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why are reeses peanut butter cups so hard to get out of their packaging?

grrr so frustrating when i want my chocolatey-peanut butter goodness.

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i’m living in an outkast world, baby.

my halloween costume tmw. i need two more peeps, who’s in?


We’re just three lost boys, from the ghett.


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Pushing Daisies after 196 cans of DC

when i go to a restaurant, without fail, a conversation plays out between the waiter(tress) and i:

“Something to Drink?” “Diet Coke please” “Pepsi Ok?” “No.”

When I find a restaurant that serves Coke products AND gives free refills, i pretty much turn into a leprechaun for five seconds until my head explodes with adrenaline from finding my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. .. Or something to that extent. SO, once we’ve established a restaurant’s level of “awesomeness” (said in Janice voice, mean girls duh), i proceed to have 5-6 large glasses of diet coke over the meal. Afterward, when i have to unbutton my jeans stealthy covered by my shirt, my mind ruminates – how many diet cokes is too many?

Well, after I’ve been referred to as having a “hollow leg,” I finally have an answer. Click here to find out how much caffeine will it take to send you six feet under.

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my cubicle umber is H1N1.. oh crap..

i know i have dedicated multiple posts to swine flu, and the reasons are two fold: (1) i’m deathly afraid to get it because knowing me at the first sign of a cough i’d become immobilized by panic and subsequent night terrors for approximately 4 years, and (2) the jokes just keep coming to me.


cmon piggies, THINK

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Is it fall yet?

October and November are probably my favorites months, being that fall is the best season. Not only is everything orange and yellow and brown, with the last shades of green, but the weather is cooling down – but not too cold where people are damning Chicago winters – and people’s truly fun sides come out. It’s just around Halloween and right before Thanksgiving, not quite that hectic, penny-pinching holiday season, where people are able to really just chill. Designers get a little sadistically creative, consumer items get playful, kids are on a permanent sugar high, indoor sports start, and the aroma of pumpkin ale and cranberry bread lets people linger to chat just a few minutes longer. Although there are a few down sides to this season – Halloween dbags come out in full, lake effect wind forshadows a very very cold commute, and nonstop candy eating (ok, this is a pro and con) – the best perk of them all is that there are so many fun-fall-filled finds (thanks for the alliteration, Mrs. Benson, my 6th grade english teacher), Enjoy:


love how crazy she looks

Celebrity Mug Shot Makeovers.









the dog needs a pink sweater to be complete

A Sugar Daddy for the kids. Such a role model, can you say stocking stuffer??


mmm mac n cheese over tuna..









mmm I’ll take this over Thanksgiving dinner any day.


just don't eat them.






love when whole cities get in the spirit.. Kind of surprising for stuffy DC, isn’t it election time down there, boys?

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